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Davwell Technology

We view the world differently

We view the world differently

Can you imagine watching your drawings or plans come to life? Imagine seeing a 1:1 scale of your project right in front of you using the phone you have in your pocket?

With Davwell Technology we allow you to view, interact, and collaborate with your project using Augmented Reality (AR)!

Using your iOS or Android phone, iPad or display projector imagine seeing your building development in a full scale that you can walk through before you even break dirt!

Or even doing a tour of a proposed area in an empty space and seeing your vision come to life around you all while looking through your own smart device!

Being able to see your project in AR and allowing your clients, prospects and visitors to walk through your development as they see it in full scale in front of them will change the way you do business forever!


Sellout off the plans with AR files giving a real walk-through of the development.


Walk through floors of the project without even being there.


Change and upgrade materials within the design while you are standing there looking at it.


Have clients see the project come to life before it’s even started.


Drive investors into your projects with a vision so real they will be amazed.

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How Does It Work?

Pushing your CAD, REVIT or other designs to handheld portable devices with a few simple clicks.

First designed for architecture, development and construction, Davwell provides users with a powerful Augmented Reality (AR) experience on a wide variety of available portable devices.

Designed for use on iOS devices iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices and tablets, Davwell is the most advanced solution for augmented reality in the industry.

With Davwell’s Augmented Reality on your mobile device you can experience your designs in the field in true 1:1 scale to bring the virtual world into the job site.

You can also upload 70+ supported formats of CAD files into our application. Your project is seen in it’s real-world location or any other place you wish to place it so you can freely walk around the model and explore it from all angles.

With our layer management features you can select different floors and experience walking through each full floor of your project as you wish.


QR code scanning for instant model loading and aligning.


View your 3D Models in the field with finished textures and materials.


See your design in true 1:1 scale.

AR & VR Support

AR/VR 3D experience options with a toggle.

About Us

The team at Davwell have been developing AR tech for over 5 years along with supporting the construction industry building integrations to support growth. With a base location in Queensland, Australia the team have developed their AR tech in a way that can now be used to showcase large scale buildings, residential, vehicles, marine life and an endless list of applications.

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Want to learn more about what Davwell Technology can do for you?